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Simply Wildlife

Project Information -

Simply Wildlife is an fictional website. I designed this artwork as part of my BTEC Level 3 Diploma in IT Software Development.
I have currently designed the layout and several graphics for the homepage of this website; however I have not yet produced this as a working website.

Assignment 2 (Unit 20 Client side Customisation of Web Pages) - Quoted from "http://moodle.barnfield.ac.uk"...

Task 1 – P4 – Design web pages using CSS to control layout

Page List:

1. Index
2. Adopt a Lion
3. About Us
4. Merchandise
5. Contact Us

You are to produce a Design Document for a ‘Wildlife’ website using CSS. It must include at least five pages and at least three examples of interactivity:

1. Create a navigation diagram and explain how CSS will control the layout
2. Describe the house style and explain how CSS will control the layout
3. Produce screen designs for each page and explain how CSS will control the layout

You are to methodically and systematically design web pages that make use of both CSS and scripting languages (JavaScript) using CSS to control layout. You know you will be using CSS, so make sure you think about this from the start, rather than designing it then trying to add in the CSS later.

You must include something about all of prescriptive elements listed below:

1. Design: layout planned using appropriate graphical or other tool
2. Headings: styling eg adding colour, font size, font weight, background image; spacing eg applying padding, margins, borders
3. Lists: styling tags; hover effect; horizontal navigation; vertical navigation
4. Links and pseudo classes: setting pseudo class order; adding background images; styling eg removing underlines, adding borders, increasing active area

Software Used -

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