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Mafia-Pride.com was the second big development project I have completed. MP is a text based mafia game, players comit different actions to gain cash, experience and other items. This game was based on a version of my first mafia game TheNextMafia.co.uk.

Quoted from "www.mafia-pride.com"...

Mafia-Pride is a LARGE Online RPG Mafia Game. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top? We allow you to enter the dark, seedy streets of the underworld without stepping away from your pc! Meet people from all over the world, chat online in real time! Here at MP, we offer you so much more than your average gaming experience! This game has been built using all of our knowledge and experience to provide the best gaming experience for ALL levels of players! So step into our world! We guarantee you wont look back! MP - addictive, fun, social, different and great prizes)!

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